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A relationship built on trust

Whether you’re in the market for a contract, commercial, or fidelity bond, you can count on us to

provide the right bond for you. We’ve been providing professional surety services for more than 50

years and have the expertise, integrity and financial strength you should look for in a surety.

We offer the following solutions to your bond needs:

Contract bid, performance and payment bonds

Flexibility is key – that’s why we don’t offer a one-size- fits-all product. When reviewing your application,

we emphasize business and personal assets, credit history, and a contractor’s ability to successfully

complete projects.

No bond is too small no minimum premium is required.

We make it easy

Many surety companies have very stringent financial reporting requirements for contractors, such as

requiring CPA review-quality financial statements. Our contract bonding process is made easy by

allowing for alternate forms of financial statements, such as in-house prepared statements or income

tax returns.

Commercial bonds

We have extensive experience meeting the special bond requirements of many types of industries,

including agriculture. We offer a full range of commercial bonds, including:

 License and Permit

 Notary

 Public Official

 Federal

Fidelity bonds

Although most businesses feel their assets are secure, employee theft can and does occur. Protect

yourself and your customers from employee theft with fidelity bond coverage.

We specialize in coverage for non-profits and professional organizations, as well as associations.

Fidelity bonds include:

 Janitorial/business services (third-party coverage)


 Blanket protection on all employees

 Name or Position Scheduled Coverage

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