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Commercial auto insurance, business insurance, workers' comp insurance, renters insurance, bonds, and more in Newport News, Virginia.

Knowing what’s important

Your business isn’t just about making ends meet. You’re dedicated to doing a good job, serving your

customers and working hard to succeed. We share the same principles. Our agents serve you with

honesty, integrity, and creativity – actively seeking the best insurance solutions to meet your specific


Protection designed for you

We take the time to analyze your business and your needs. Then, using a full range of coverages

including property, liability, crime and inland marine our agents develop a customized plan that works

for you. And we make sure the price is competitive, reflecting your exposure and experience.

With the Scarborough Agency, you get:

Agents who work closely with you

Customized policies for your business

Flexible coverage that can grow with your business

Claims service that’s second to none

Competitive pricing

Protecting more than Property

Any sort of damage to your property or equipment can result in big losses. Whether it’s ruined supplies

or lost income, the cost to your business can be more than the expense of repairs. And while you can’t

predict accidents or mother nature, you can be prepared.

Coverage options:

Fire and Lightning

Windstorm and Hail

Sprinkler Leakage

Vandalism and Malicious Mischief


Broken Glass

Business Income

A sense of security

When you run a business, liability issues come with the territory. Depending on your situation, we can

make sure you’re protected with insurance against liability losses.

Business Insurance—General Liability and Property Coverage in Newport News and Hampton, VA

Liability protection includes:

Premises and Operations Liability

Products and Completed Operations Advertising and Personal Injury

Bodily Injury/Property Damage

Medical Payments

Fire Legal Liability

Host Liquor Liability

Covering all the bases

For complete protection, we can add commercial auto workers’ compensation and commercial umbrella

coverage. It’s all about making sure you can run your business effectively, focusing less of your energy

on preparing for an unpredictable future.

Additional Coverage Available:


Provides options to help you respond quickly in the event of a data breach, including notifying

customers and covering financial damages.


Helps cover the cost of fixing or replacing broken equipment, such as copy machines or computer

systems, even in instances when the utility provider is at fault.


Helps cover costs for alcohol-related claims when customers hurt themselves or others.

Portable Tools:

Insures your tools and equipment against theft, fire and many other risks, whether they’re in your truck,

at your job site, or at your office.

Contractors Equipment

Your equipment can be big and expensive, but insurance to cover it doesn’t have to be.

Installation Coverage

Protects you from theft of uninstalled materials from a job site.

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